Holiday wellness: Experiencing the power of gratitude

Benefits to well-being include increased optimism, reduced stress and anxiety, and other positive outcomes

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As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many of us are reflecting on gratitude and practicing gratefulness. Gratitude offers extensive benefits to well-being, including increased optimism, reduced stress and anxiety, and other positive outcomes. Join the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program (JHEAP) and JHU Healthy at Hopkins for upcoming sessions on how to incorporate gratitude throughout your day.

Visual Journaling to Cultivate Gratitude (Zoom), Friday, Dec. 1, noon

Art provides a common language for communicating with others to cultivate gratitude. Learn about the benefits of visual journaling and gratitude along with ways to incorporate these practices in your life moving forward. Artistic ability is not a requirement for this session. Just grab a piece of paper, colored pencils, stickers, and any other items you'd like to use to make a colorful visual. Register here.

The Gratitude Habit (pre-recorded)

People rarely consider the transformative power of mindset habits, one of the most powerful of which is gratitude. This prerecorded online seminar will cover how to build a gratitude habit into your daily life. You can view the audiovisual presentation and download the transcript at any time. View the seminar here.

The Power of Gratitude (Burnalong webinar), Thursday, Nov. 30, noon

To celebrate the beauty of gratitude, Burnalong instructors invite you to share personal and professional stories of thanks. Participants will come together to inspire and uplift each other through the forces of appreciation and positivity. Register here.

Grateful for This Year, Motivated for the Next (Burnalong webinar), Wednesday, Dec. 13, noon.

Join this Burnalong session to celebrate the blessings, growth, and accomplishments of the past year while setting your sights on an exciting and inspiring 2024. Together, participants will embrace gratitude and fuel their motivation to make the upcoming year extraordinary. Register here.

Let this holiday season be an opportunity to regularly identify things that you are grateful for, set new goals, and appreciate those who are in your life. Remember that JHEAP is available 24/7 to you and anyone in your household; you can access its confidential counseling and referral services by calling 888-978-1262. To learn more about ways to practice gratitude, visit (company code JHEAP).

For information about JHU Healthy at Hopkins, go to the Well-Being Programs page of the Benefits & Worklife website.

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