myLearning 2.0 project update

The team has been exploring potential new platforms, evaluating data shared by users across JHU and JHHS

In the spring, JHU and JHHS announced plans to assess platforms that could potentially replace the existing myLearning system, which is currently used for training and professional development by employees across the enterprise.

Since then, the myLearning 2.0 project team has explored potential internal training and professional development learning management systems and has gathered a wealth of feedback and suggestions from employees who participated in the assessment process. Here is what has been accomplished so far:

  • Gathering requirements: In May, 80,000 users across JHHS and JHU were asked for their insights on what they wanted out of a learning management system.
  • Vendor tours: More than 36 hours of showcases and deep dives have been hosted for the advisory, steering, and project leads committees.
  • myLearning 2.0 SharePoint: A central SharePoint repository for project information was launched and introduced through JHM Link and JHU Hub at Work.
  • Hands-on testing: More than 2,500 users and administrators were invited to experience vendors' demonstration environments and share their feedback.
  • Guided tours: Key stakeholders previewed the platforms and asked questions during guided tours of each platform.

The myLearning project team is now evaluating the data shared by Johns Hopkins users. Using these insights, the steering committee will then make a data-driven recommendation on how to move forward and will share an update in late spring 2024 on the outcome of the data analysis and committee recommendation.

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