NOV. 15

Workshop: Overcoming Procrastination

Learn how to bridge the gap between your personal or professional goals and reality

A woman sitting at her desk builds a tower of pens next to her computer.


Do you tend to procrastinate when it comes to your personal or professional goals? What if you could overcome this habit and motivate yourself to make change a reality—not just for a few weeks but permanently? What effect would that have on your sanity and sense of satisfaction?

In a workshop titled Overcoming Procrastination—Bridging the Gap Between Your Goals and Reality, you will learn how to customize four principles that are at the heart of making personal and professional change stick. This is so much more than just putting together a plan to accomplish your goals. After all, how many plans have you put together in the past?

You will learn how to find the time, energy, and motivation—given everything else that's going on in your life—to be able to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you'd like to be. If you want to make a significant difference in the future quality of your life, this workshop will empower you to do just that.

Register here for the workshop, which will be offered by Learning Solutions from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 2024 E. Monument St., East Baltimore campus.

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