October is National Depression Education and Awareness Month

Here are helpful Johns Hopkins resources available to employees and their families

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October is National Depression Education and Awareness Month, and Tuesday, Oct. 10, is World Mental Health Day. This month aims to raise awareness about the disparities that exist in access to mental health services and advocate for policy changes that prioritize mental well-being.

Johns Hopkins continues to promote and encourage efforts to prioritize and protect the mental well-being of its faculty and staff. JHEAP, the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program, is offering the following webinars and resources to raise awareness about depression and mental well-being.

Understanding and Coping With Depression, for all faculty and staff

Depression affects more than 280 million people worldwide and is among the leading causes of disability. A webinar titled Understanding and Coping With Depression will review the causes, symptoms, and impact of depression, and provide ways to both seek and receive help. Though depression can be reliably diagnosed, few of the people affected receive proper treatment. Participants will learn the barriers to treatment as well as ways to overcome them for a happier, healthier life.

The webinar is open to all faculty and staff and will take place from noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 25. Register here.

Understanding and Recognizing Depression, for managers

An online training called Understanding and Recognizing Depression will improve managers' ability to recognize symptoms of depression and guide them on referring employees to internal and community resources for managing it. Participants also will learn how to approach employees who might be struggling and how to encourage them to seek professional assistance for symptoms.

The webinar will take place from noon to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 26. Register here.

Empowering Minds, Changing Lives: Championing Mental Health Rights

By embracing the theme Mental Health is a Universal Human Right, you are taking a stand against inequalities and injustices that persist in the realm of mental health. In a webinar titled Empowering Minds, Changing Lives: Championing Mental Health Rights, participants will benefit by:

  • Understanding mental health as a universal human right
  • Addressing the stigma and discrimination faced by individuals with mental health conditions and learning how to eliminate those barriers
  • Exploring the role of colleagues and managers in promoting mental health rights and creating a supportive work environment
  • Discussing the role of communities in championing mental health rights
  • Highlighting the importance of self-care practices, building resilience, and nurturing positive mental health habits

This online seminar is prerecorded and will be available on the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program website (company code: JHEAP) starting on World Mental Health Day, Tuesday, Oct. 10. You can view the audiovisual presentation and download the audio transcript at that time. You do not need to register in advance.

Additional resources

If you or someone you know has been affected by depression, you are not alone. Free, confidential counseling support—for you and your loved ones—is available 24/7/365 by calling the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program at 888-978-1262. Or you can submit a counseling request via an online request form.

The CCA@YourService app (access code: JHEAP) includes a comprehensive emotional wellness screening tool to identify areas where you might need support. Once the screening is completed, relevant topics will be presented to you and will help inform next steps. Additional information and resources can be found on the website at (company code: JHEAP).

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