Johns Hopkins launches a myLearning 2.0 SharePoint site

Project team is examining the training and development system currently used by more than 80,000 at JHU and JHHS

Johns Hopkins has launched a myLearning 2.0 SharePoint website, a pivotal step toward shaping the future of learning at the university and health system.

The site provides updates and information about the myLearning 2.0 project and the opportunity for users to sign up for email about it.

In May, JHU and JHHS announced plans to assess platforms that could potentially replace the existing myLearning system, which is currently used for training and professional development by more than 80,000 employees across the enterprise.

JHU and JHHS requested and received insights from employees on what matters most to them in a learning management system, and the responses have been instrumental in helping the myLearning 2.0 project team develop a comprehensive request for proposals.

The project team is now reviewing potential vendors.

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