JHEAP introduces online requests for counseling services

Employees and their household members can use the form for low-risk needs

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The Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program is introducing a new digital intake process for counseling, which allows employees and their household members to submit their counseling requests via an online form rather than by phone. The form can be accessed from any web browser at

The online form collects needed basic demographics, provider preferences, and questions to screen for your health and safety to locate the best provider for you. The form is secure and includes JHEAP's Notice of Privacy Practices regarding confidentiality. Online counseling requests will be processed in the same manner as telephone requests, with a response in two to four business days.

Note that the online form is for low-risk counseling needs and nonurgent requests only. In an emergency, the form clearly directs members to 911 or a local emergency room for thoughts of self-harm, harm to others, or other high-risk situations. You are encouraged to contact JHEAP at 888-978-1262 for more-urgent support.

Whether you're experiencing everyday stress or a major life challenge, JHEAP is available 24/7 to help. The program provides you and your household members free around-the-clock access to a range of stress management and work-life balance resources. To reach JHEAP:

  • Call 888-978-1262.
  • Submit your counseling request via the new online request form.
  • Visit the website CCA@YourService (company code: JHEAP) for additional resources and LiveCONNECT instant messaging with worklife specialists.
  • Go to your device's app store to download the CCA@YourService app and enter the one-time access code JHEAP to create a profile. You can then submit your requests for work-life services via the app.

For more information and resources, visit the JHEAP website. If you have any questions, or difficulty accessing the new form, email