Send us your selfies!

We'd love to share how JHU faculty and staff are spending their away-from-work summers

Young woman in hiking clothes standing on a rocky outcropping taking a selfie with a large body of water behind her

With Commencement behind us, we're thinking about summer and all the great fun things that come with it—and we bet you are, too.

Would you like to share a little bit of the season with your colleagues?

How about sending us a selfie, along with 50 to 100 words about that moment and what it meant to you?

Tell us about … a long-anticipated trip to see your parents … college visits with your first-born … the elusive, hard-fighting fish you finally caught … a backyard BBQ with your best friend since first grade … or how you're catching up on your pleasure reading.

We'll sew together your stories and publish them all summer long.

Please email them to us at We can't wait to hear from you.

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