Learn more about updated lactation accommodations

Webinars for supervisors and lactating employees will provide details of the new policy

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Image caption: A glimpse into the lactation room in the Imagine Center on the Homewood campus.


JHU's recently updated Lactation Accommodations Policy outlines the accommodations and process necessary to promote a work environment that supports the expression of milk, and supervisors as well as lactating employees should be aware of the various aspects.

As outlined in the document, employees will be provided appropriate lactation spaces and reasonable break times to express milk. In addition to completing a room request form, which provides access and amenity information for users, an accommodations request form must also be completed. This form is then routed to the employee's supervisor for acknowledgment.

Upcoming webinars will provide an overview of the updated policy and the lactation support program in general, as well as how to access and use the new form. These webinars will be recorded and emailed to those who are registered using these links:

To learn more about the program, go to the Lactation Support website. For answers to any questions not answered there, email or call 410-516-2000.

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