JHU resources to support you personally

Make sure you're up to date on everything from child care assistance to commuter savings

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Whether your work schedule is about to shift into a new gear or you'll be cruising along on a route you mapped during the pandemic, you may be addressing similar concerns in the new year: child or elder care, a need for exercise, financial planning questions, and so much more.

As a Johns Hopkins employee, you have many resources available to support you, and you can find details on the university's Benefits & Worklife website. Categories you may want to explore include:

Family and caregiving. Here's where you can learn about finding child care options (including JHU's child care center partners) and how you might get help paying for them; tutoring, e-learning, and educational resources for school-age children; elder care; and a wide range of family-building resources, including family leave and adoption assistance. Start here.

Backup care. No matter how carefully you choreograph your family's schedule, you may wake up one morning to news that your child's day care facility is unexpectedly closed or your sibling is unable to take your parent to a doctor's appointment as planned—and your own day is packed with immovable events. As a JHU employee, you're entitled to a discounted rate for 10 days of backup care per year (days reset Jan. 1). Start here.

Commuter assistance. If you take public transit to work or park in a non-JH garage—or both—you can save money with the JHU Commuting-to-Work program, which allows you to have pretax deductions taken from your pay to cover eligible expenses. Start here.

Well-being. JHU's resources for your total well-being—physical, emotional, social, and financial—range from fitness classes, to stress-management tools, to help with managing your money. Start here.

Employee assistance. JHEAP—the free Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program—is available to you 24/7, whether you're dealing with emotional distress or need access to a plumber or doggie day care. Start here.

Enhanced tuition assistance for employees. For those seeking undergraduate (associate and bachelor's) degrees, annual tuition assistance amounts have increased from $2,000 to $5,250. Direct bill is now available for undergraduate studies so you can use your benefits with no out-of-pocket expenses. For those seeking graduate degrees (including graduate courses outside of JHU), annual tuition assistance amounts have increased from $5,250 to $10,000. Start here.

Retirement savings and planning. Sign up for an information-packed pre-retirement program or financial webinar, schedule a free one-on-one session with a financial adviser, find legal advice, or even gather with other employees to talk about post-work concerns. Start here.