Wellness survey results are in

Employee feedback is being used to develop future programming

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The results of the university's recent wellness survey, offered during the Annual Enrollment process, are in, and the Office of Benefits & Worklife would like to thank the employees who responded. The feedback is being used to develop future programming. Here are the results:

How do you receive information about JHU's Healthy at Hopkins Well-Being Programs (1,168 respondents)?

  • Emails sent by my department: 42%
  • HR NewsWire: 33%
  • Today's Announcements: 24%
  • Inside Johns Hopkins Medicine: 23%
  • Word of mouth: 12%
  • Visit the JHU Wellness website regularly: 11%
  • Search Hub website: 9%

Is there another way you would like to receive information about university well-being offerings?

Most respondents reported that the current methods of communication are preferred; 4% suggested email.

Would you participate in onsite in-person wellness programming (fitness classes, health and wellness lectures) if offered?

  • Yes: 40%
  • Not sure: 33%
  • No: 27%

If there were a nominal fee, would you participate in in-person fitness classes?

  • No: 40%
  • Not sure: 35%
  • Yes: 25%

I have used the options below offered through JHU to purchase discount health and wellness products and services, such as gym discounts, Fitbits, meal services, fitness apps, weight management memberships, etc. (682 respondents)

  • Calm app: 41%
  • Perks at Work: 31%
  • Lifemart: 22%
  • My insurance provider: 18%
  • Burnalong: 17%
  • WeightWatchers: 16%
  • Other: 15%

You can learn more about program offerings by visiting the Healthy at Hopkins Well-Being Programs page of the HR website.

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