Achieving and maintaining a healthier you

Remember that the habits we look to improve, or implement, are ones we should be able to keep for life

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A new year brings to many both new opportunities and a fresh start. As we begin to think about 2023 well-being goals/resolutions, it's important to remember that the habits we look to improve, or implement, are ones we should be able to keep for life not just a short period of time. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your nutrition, or maybe even start an exercise routine, it's important to make your goals both attainable and sustainable.

Goal setting: Tips for success

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals. That means choosing ones that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound.

Focus on multiple areas of your life. Health and fitness goals are extremely important, but don't forget to set goals in other areas, too, such as financial well-being, relationships, and work. Set one or two in each area.

Create goals that can be accomplished with a partner. Having someone to reach milestones with you will help keep you accountable, and it's always fun to team up with a friend and share your successes.

Reward yourself. Once you reach a goal, take time to celebrate. For example, treat yourself to a movie night out after you accomplish a fitness challenge. Just make sure your reward doesn't make it harder to accomplish any of your other goals.

Mental health: Realistic resolutions

Make time for self-care. Create a list of self-care activities and work to make them a part of your daily routine. Click here to evaluate your current routine and review areas you can improve in 2023.

Prioritize sleep. It's no secret that sleep directly affects our mental state. Sufficient sleep helps our brain process emotional information. This year, make sleep a priority and give your body the rest it requires.

Limit screen time. Spending too much time online can impact quality of sleep, affect relationships, and even lead to depression and anxiety. Try setting a screen time limit for yourself.

Be kind to yourself. Changing habits takes time. Setbacks happen. Doing your best is what counts.

Step into the new year: Tips to jump-start your exercise routine

Set aside time each day for physical activity. Depending on your schedule, you can allocate time all at once or break it up into small increments throughout the day, such as 10-minute walks before and after dinner. This journal is a good starting point for keeping track of your daily movement.

Find an activity you enjoy doing at a time that is convenient. Some people may enjoy a morning workout at the gym, while others may prefer an online class after work. Be sure to register for your free JHU Burnalong account for live and on-demand fitness classes. You get up to four free accounts, so you can work out with your family members.

Participate in challenges. Look for upcoming universitywide challenges. Or use Burnalong to create your own, within your department or with your friends and family.

Johns Hopkins resources

Healthy at Hopkins. JHU is here to support you in starting and maintaining your wellness goals. Be sure to incorporate into your plans these two resources: Burnalong and WeightWatchers. Make the time to attend some of these upcoming wellness webinars, each scheduled for noon:

  • Building a Solid Wellness Foundation, Wednesday, Jan. 18
  • Getting to Know WeightWatchers, Thursday, Jan. 26
  • How to Start Meditating, Thursday, Jan. 26
  • Cardio Doesn't Need to Be Hard-io, Thursday, Feb. 2
  • Matters of the Heart, Wednesday, Feb. 15

Visit the HR webpage Workshops and Webinars for full descriptions of the above webinars and to register.

If your goal is to quit smoking, visit the HR webpage Smoking and Tobacco Cessation for resources available to you.

Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program (JHEAP). As you hit the reset button on your wellness goals, try to make a resolution or two about your mental health. Getting treatment for stress, anxiety, and depression can make your quality of life better. You can help manage your mental health symptoms by taking small steps every day. JHEAP is available 24/7/365 at 888-978-1262 to access assistance services for daily life or to schedule an appointment with a clinician to talk about your mental health.

Visit the CCA@YourService website (company code: JHEAP) for access to online mental health articles and upcoming on-demand online seminars.

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