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A newly enhanced employee assistance program can help with a wide range of stressors, from locating doggie day care to dealing with emotional distress

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Effective July 1, 2022, the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program, or JHEAP (formerly mySupport/FASAP), is being administered in collaboration with Corporate Counseling Associates.

Enhancements include more support with finding a counselor and ongoing case management check-ins, a more diverse provider network, more free counseling sessions, and improved participant experiences.

Stressors can affect you at work and at home, and JHEAP is ready to help you deal with them. Sometimes it's the little things—like finding a plumber to fix a leaky sink, locating a doggie day care for your new puppy, or setting a budget. Sometimes the issues are bigger and impact your day—like struggles with depression, drug and alcohol misuse, or financial or legal problems. Whatever your need, JHEAP is free, confidential, and available 24/7.

Emotional support

Through the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program, university employees and their household family members have free 24/7 access to confidential counseling and referral services for help with stress at work or at home, emotional distress, a difficult life transition, or other challenges. You can reach JHEAP 24/7, 365 days a year, at 888-978-1262.

When you call JHEAP, a clinician will listen, provide support, and help you identify resources and next steps. If you need counseling services, JHEAP will provide referrals to licensed clinicians in your area, or you can opt for an appointment with a member of JHEAP's onsite clinical team, located on various Johns Hopkins campuses.

JHEAP offers up to six free counseling sessions for short-term needs per issue, per year, to help you with life's challenges.

Daily life assistance

Struggling to find a balance between work and home? Let JHEAP lighten your load. You and your household family members have 24/7 telephone access to a daily life assistance counselor by calling 888-978-1262 and asking for resources and referrals for child care, elder care, pet care, parenting issues—even help for your home, such as finding a contractor.

JHEAP's online services also can help you find services and resources for prenatal care, adoption, emergency care, summer camps, school and college searches, and other needs.

In addition, JHEAP offers phone and in-person legal services; financial services, such as help with budgeting, managing debt, and tax preparation; and identity theft resolution and consultation.

More resources to support your well-being

Because everyone sometimes needs a hand balancing life issues, JHEAP offers numerous resources to help support you, your family, co-workers, and team members. Visit the JHEAP webpage for on-demand mental health resources and a schedule of free workshops and webinars. Tune in to a Meet the Clinicians webinar at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17, to learn about some of the JH Onsite Counseling team and how they can help. Register here.

For additional online resources, visit CCA@YourService (company code: JHEAP).

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