Enhanced tuition assistance—how to apply

All applications—including those for courses using tuition remission—must be submitted through the EdAssist platform

Knowing that its tuition assistance program is highly valued by its faculty, staff, and other employees, JHU has introduced significant enhancements designed to help put the power of higher education in reach. Starting with this fall semester:

  • Annual tuition assistance amounts will increase from $2,000 to $5,250 for those seeking undergraduate (associate and bachelor's) degrees.
  • Annual benefits will increase from $5,250 to $10,000 for courses taken as part of an approved graduate degree.
  • Employees may now use the undergraduate and graduate tuition assistance at a regional accredited institution even if the program is offered at JHU.
  • Beginning in spring 2023, for those seeking undergraduate degrees, JHU will help minimize employees' upfront, out-of-pocket costs by making payments directly to institutions. The university also will pay in advance for graduate coursework at JHU; those taking graduate courses at other institutions will need to seek reimbursement.

How to apply

JHU is partnering with Bright Horizons/EdAssist to help administer this benefit. To be eligible to receive tuition assistance, an employee must submit an initial application through the EdAssist platform.

Applications will be reviewed for policy compliance by the program administrator and then forwarded to the employee's immediate supervisor and HR business partner for acknowledgment. Employees will be required to submit a course approval application for each quarter, semester, or academic term. Applications are due no later than 30 days following the course start date. If you are taking courses at JHU using tuition remission, you still need to apply through EdAssist and will have to submit a copy of your final invoice to the site.

Take advantage of EdAssist's free academic coaching to help you make decisions about your education. Whether you are just beginning or are finishing a degree, or need help deciding between different programs, an academic coach is available to help you make informed decisions about degree programs and associated costs.

Learn more on the Tuition Assistance webpage of the HR website.