Baltimore City families need your help to afford mandatory school uniforms

You can adopt one or two students individually, or multiple students as a department

Update: As of Aug. 10, the Johns Hopkins Office of Economic Development and Community Partnerships reports that it is just $7,300 away from reaching its $20,000 goal for providing uniforms to 500 to 600 students. Additional donations are encouraged by the deadline below.

Baltimore City Public Schools has seen a strong correlation between access to school uniforms and student attendance. Starting the school year with new uniforms helps build confidence in students and allows them to better focus on classwork.

The Johns Hopkins Adopt-a-Student Uniform Drive was established in 2011 to assist families in purchasing the required uniforms. In partnership with City Schools, Johns Hopkins works with a uniform vendor to establish a cost of $50 for two uniforms.

Your donation of $50 can provide two uniforms for an elementary, middle, or high school student to help start the school year prepared.

You can adopt one or more students individually, or multiple students as a department, by going to the Adopt-a-Student Donation Page by 5 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 22. To select a donation amount, click Donate. Credit cards are accepted.

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