How do you prepare for retirement if your career is a large part of your identity?

Join the Retirement Readiness Support Group's next virtual meeting to talk about the psychological and emotional aspects of your post-work life

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For many of us, our career is a large part of our identity, and the journey to retirement can cause us to feel a lot of emotions. Are you feeling anxiety, dread, or even excitement as you approach your retirement and want to network with others in the same situation?

From noon to 1 p.m. on Friday, July 8, the Office of Benefits & Worklife will host a virtual support group meeting for those wanting to talk about the psychological and emotional aspects of retirement, such as how you will spend your time, how retirement will impact your relationships, and how you can find your purpose.

Exchange thoughts, concerns, and resources about the retirement journey to better prepare for a successful transition. You may even make social connections for after you retire. Space is limited. This session will not be recorded. Register in advance here.

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