Workshop: Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness

If your life is feeling complicated and stress is piling up, this could be the class for you

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The most popular course ever taught at Yale University enrolled 1,200 students, a number that represented a quarter of the undergraduate student population, last year. Called Psychology and the Good Life, it was nicknamed the "happiness class."

But the appeal of this subject matter reaches far beyond college students. Why? Given how complicated life has become, more and more people are experiencing more and more stress, frustration, and unhappiness.

In a JHU workshop titled Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness, participants will learn how to become happier by leveraging the evidence-based power of positive psychology. Specifically, they will learn how to apply outside of class the concepts they found most useful and in doing so will experience greater sanity, satisfaction, and success, both personally and professionally.

Register here for the workshop, which will be offered virtually by Learning Solutions from 9 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, March 15.

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