Creating and posting job openings will be easier and faster

Changes in process will shorten the time for filling positions

A man being interviewed appears on the laptop screen belonging to a hiring manager who is looking at the candidate’s resume


As part of a broader strategy to boost recruitment and hiring across the Johns Hopkins enterprise, Human Resources and Information Technology teams are spearheading the Requisition Creation Enhancement Project, or RCEP, to deliver a systematic organizational management and talent acquisition process.

A variety of forms and workflows will be eliminated, significantly reducing the number of steps and roadblocks in the current process for creating and posting positions. As a result, openings will be able to be filled faster.

Enhancements include:

  • A user-friendly portal to create and manage postings, including those for faculty and student positions
  • A streamlined process for entering information such as job description and required qualifications
  • The ability to clearly track the job creation process from initiation to final posting
  • The elimination of redundant steps to speed up the overall hiring process

The pilot is slated for early spring 2022, followed by the full launch in late spring/early summer. Training will be available in the spring for all JHU staff who initiate postings for positions within their departments.

You can submit your questions or feedback about the project online.

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