E210 coding for COVID-related leave

Managers should not approve timesheets until the appropriate codes have been entered. HR Business Services explains the process

HR Business Services is experiencing an extremely high volume of requests to approve the COVID-related leave codes (COV/FCOV) for e210 timesheets. As such, HRBS is currently working with the e210 technical team on a solution to resolve this situation as soon as possible.

As a reminder, managers should not approve timesheets until the appropriate leave codes have been entered. Submitting a late timesheet will not impact an employee's pay or leave balance.

Until this situation has been resolved, managers/HR business partners of employees requesting the COV/FCOV leave codes should continue to send an email to HRBusinessServices@jhu.edu that includes both the start and end dates that the employee was absent for a COVID-related reason. Documentation, such as an email from the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Call Center, is no longer required but will be accepted if available. Due to the current high volume of requests, emails with missing dates will not be processed.

Employees should be cleared to return to work so that they can provide the exact start and end dates of their COVID-related leave.

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