Results of the wellness interest survey are in

Employee feedback is being used to develop 2022 programming

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The results of the university's recent wellness interest survey, which was offered during the Annual Enrollment process, are in, and the Office of Benefits & Worklife would like to thank those who responded. Your feedback is being used to develop 2022 programming.

Here are the questions and your responses.

Do you know about the JHU Wellness Programs offerings?

  • Yes (54%)
  • Not sure (22%)
  • No (22%)

Based on university COVID protocol, in 2022 would you attend onsite wellness programming?

  • Yes (25%)
  • Maybe/Not Sure (49%)
  • No (25%)

Do you prefer in-person wellness programming or virtual?

  • In-person (12%)
  • Virtual (39%)
  • Equal (31%)
  • Don't participate (17%)

If offered, would you participate in a virtual wellness challenge (e.g., a hydration challenge, mindfulness activities, healthy activities etc.)?

  • Yes (33%)
  • Maybe/Not Sure (50%)
  • No (15%)

Have you registered for these wellness apps through Johns Hopkins?

  • BurnAlong (10%)
  • Calm, JHU premium membership (27%)
  • myStrength (4%)
  • More than one app (7%)
  • No/Not Sure (63%)

Areas of well-being ranked in order of importance for you:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Occupational
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Spiritual

Specifically related to financial wellness, what type of programming do you need to support you in maintaining your financial health at this time in your life?

  • Retirement planning (66%)
  • Investing (48%)
  • Wealth management (37%)
  • Basic budgeting (24%)
  • Debt management education (22%)
  • Homebuying (18%)
  • School loan education (13%)
  • More than one topic (60%)

You can learn more about available wellness webinars and classes on fitness, meditation, and financial wellness by visiting the JHU Wellness Programs page of the Benefits & Worklife website.

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