EyeMed members-only special offers

Savings include discounts on glasses, up to $800 toward Lasik surgery

Smiling woman trying on eyeglasses in a store


Did you know that as an EyeMed member you are eligible for some special savings in addition to your standard routine vision coverage?

There's a page on the website that only registered members can see. It offers a mix of the latest discounts and extra savings that can give your vision benefits a boost.

Offers for 2022 include:

  •—$50 off any nonprescription designer sunglasses priced above $200
  • LasikPlus—up to $800 toward Lasik surgery
  • Pearle Vision—$50 toward your purchase of a complete pair of glasses

Offers are added all year. To see what's new before you make a decision, visit, register, sign in, and select Special Offers. Keep your eyes healthy, and save some cash while you're at it.

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