New myPerformance manager forms for FY22

Leadership competency called Developing Others and Coaching is part of the employee development section

Managers will find a new form in myPerformance for both FY22 midyear and annual reviews. The form now includes an employee development section that focuses on the leadership competency called Developing Others and Coaching.

All levels of JHU leadership who use the myPerformance process and SuccessFactors system to manage their own performance management are expected to demonstrate the Developing Others and Coaching competency.

This section was added to the review forms to recognize that professional development is a key element of the myPerformance process that assists the university's ability to attract, support, develop, and retain staff, and is a responsibility of all levels of JHU leadership.

Managers of staff who supervise others will use a variety of evaluation methods such as:

  • Having one-on-one conversations to discuss and evaluate the supervisor's efforts to develop others
  • Reviewing the employee development sections to ensure that comments on the manager's midyear and annual review forms include specific examples and evidence of success using this competency
  • Checking in with employees to ensure that each employee has set at least one professional development goal for each cycle

More information about the new manager form and the Developing Others and Coaching Competency is available on the myPerformance homepage.

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