BurnAlong with your family and friends

Add four others to your free account, and you can exercise together

Woman on yoga mat waving to woman in same pose on a video screen


Don't forget to invite your friends and family to join BurnAlong, the university's online fitness and wellness program. Set wellness goals as a family.

You can add four subaccounts to your BurnAlong account for free. You just need your loved one's email addresses, and they can have access to all BurnAlong content. To learn how to set up their subaccounts, follow these step-by-step instructions or watch a quick video tutorial.

Once you have added your subaccounts, you can start taking classes together. This is a great opportunity to support your community and yourself in reaching your wellness goals—it's better together.

You may have noticed that the BurnAlong website has a new look. Along with that new look comes enhanced functionality, making it easier to find classes, programs, and communities with its supercharged, intelligent search engine, so it's a great time to add new users.

You also can take classes with your co-workers, whether you are working onsite or off. This is a great way to stay connected with your colleagues as the JHU community continues to navigate hybrid work arrangements.

If you don't yet have your BurnAlong account, sign up here.