Why you should drink a glass of water right now

Its health benefits will motivate you to drink up

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What can you do in the next 60 seconds that will improve your health and help advance your weight loss goals? It's a tough question. A minute of riding your bike may burn about five calories, and it may take you about 60 seconds to chew a mouthful or two of kale. These are good things, but there is something else that is quite simple that you can do in one minute to improve your health:

Drink two cups of water.

Under certain conditions, drinking two cups (one pint) of water can boost your mood, metabolism, brain power, and ability to deal with stress. Scientific evidence links hydration to a plethora of health benefits, and the fact is, scientists have just scratched the surface when it comes to understanding all the roles that water plays in our body. "I don't even think you can quantify the benefits of hydration. We don't have the data on all the health benefits," says Jodi Stookey, a nutritional epidemiologist specializing in water and hydration effects on chronic disease at the Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute in Oakland, California. "Any time you have a thought or feeling, that is mediated by a change in cell volume. That is how nerve cells generate their signal, by shrinking and swelling and changing the concentration of ions in and out of the cell. It is all based on water. If you don't have enough water, then your cell processes are limited."

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