OCT. 12

Workshop: Situational Delegation—Inspiring Accountability in Your Employees

Learn how to better clarify work expectations, and confidently inspire responsibility in your team

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When it comes to producing results, how many employees typically live up to their commitments? Do some managers insist that they clearly explained project or work expectations, only to find that their employees insist—after the fact—that they had misunderstood the deliverables expected of them?

In a workshop titled Situational Delegation: Inspiring Accountability in Your Employees, participants will learn how to better clarify project and work expectations, and confidently inspire accountability and responsibility in more of their employees. They will customize four critical delegation and accountability principles in a way that will allow them to be less of a "babysitter" and more of a delegator.

Register here for the workshop, which will be offered by Learning Solutions from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 12, at Johns Hopkins at Eastern.

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