Important information for new hires and out-of-state employees

Steps you need to take regarding compliance notifications and remote I-9 processing

If you're a new JHU hire or an out-of-state employee, it's important that you're aware of regulations that apply to you and that require you to take an appropriate action.

Compliance notifications for new hires and out-of-state employees

JHU has partnered with Equifax to deliver required state notices to newly hired faculty, staff, and students as well as existing staff who move to a new state while remaining actively employed by JHU, or who live in a state that requires notice to be sent when you receive a change in your current salary.

The State Onboarding Compliance Solution tracks state legislation to ensure that JHU sends the correct forms to the right employees and keeps JHU informed about individual state notification requirements for residents.

Employees affected by these requirements will receive a welcome email from with login instructions to access the JHU Employment Compliance Portal. Once logged in, employees will be able to view and confirm receipt of required state notices.

It is advisable to access the Compliance Portal using the Chrome web browser. Any questions about the portal can be sent to

Remote I-9 processing for new hires

Since the beginning of the pandemic, JHU has implemented remote I-9 processing as an efficient and convenient option for new hires to present important documentation at designated locations. Remote I-9 processing enables new hires to skip making an appointment at JHU and prevents disruptions to the hiring and payroll processes.

As JHU employees return to their campuses this fall, JHU's HR I-9 Compliance Services is scheduling in-person appointments for new hires to complete I-9 paperwork.

Now, new hires will have two options to complete their I-9 paperwork. To begin the process to complete your I-9 or extend work authorization, visit the I-9 Compliance website.

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