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Age irrelevant: Sign up now for the summer Pre-Retirement Program

Even if your retirement isn't right around the corner, there are ways to take action today to set yourself up for a better future

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Whether retirement seems a distant future or right around the corner, there are ways for you to take action today to set yourself up for a better future.

For instance, do you have important legal documents prepared? All adults age 18 or over should have medical and financial powers of attorney and a will. These documents will help your family smoothly take care of your affairs should you need that.

Do you believe you have satisfactory knowledge about how a 403(b) plan works and what action you can take today to better your financial future, whether you aim to withdraw it in 10, 20, or 30 years?

Have you thought about what a satisfying retirement life might look like, even if you want or need to continue working?

Are you curious about your JHU benefits in retirement, including the new Mercer Marketplace 365+ alternative to the university's retiree medical plans?

If any of these topics catches your interest, or if you want a deeper dive into Social Security or Medicare, check out the upcoming series of webinars hosted by Benefits & Worklife.

Register here for the sessions, which will run from June 14 to 30.

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