Get answers to your important retirement questions

5 virtual steps to ensuring you're on course for reaching your goals

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The new year is a perfect time to get a fresh perspective on your retirement and overall investment goals, especially after 2020.

You're juggling multiple priorities more than ever before. To help, the JHU Office of Benefits & Worklife is reminding you of the many virtual ways for you to get answers to general financial wellness questions, plan provisions, and direction to available resources.

Review your asset allocation. Market fluctuations can take your desired asset allocation off course. Make sure your investment mix meets your retirement goals.

Increase your retirement contributions. No need to wait until Annual Enrollment. You can increase your deferral up to IRS limits at any time during the year.

Take full advantage of other savings options. Boost your retirement savings with an additional investment in your future.

Make a plan, and stay the course. No matter where you are in your savings journey, having a plan will allow you to set your goals and assess where you are.

Use the resources you have available through Fidelity, TIAA, and Vanguard for help with the above and more. These are complimentary services provided to you as an employee of Johns Hopkins University.

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