Be on the lookout for 2021 insurance cards

Check this list to see if you should be receiving any this year

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A new benefits plan year may mean new insurance membership cards. To see whether you should be receiving any, check this list:

New cards will be sent to all EHP participants this year.

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield PPO, CareFirst BCBS High-Deductible Health Plan
New cards will be sent to all CareFirst participants this year.

BlueChoice HMO and Kaiser Permanente HMO
Cards will be sent only to new participants and existing members who made changes.

Express Scripts Prescription
Only newly enrolled members and those members with name changes will receive new ID cards. All others can continue to use their current card.

Delta Dental Standard and Delta Dental Enhanced With Orthodontia
Cards will be sent to new standard or enhanced plan participants. ID cards are not needed to receive services. See this Delta Dental flyer for details.

EyeMed Vision
Cards will be sent to new EyeMed participants only. ID cards are not needed to receive services (members will need to supply their name and date of birth to the provider). Also, members can download the EyeMed app, which holds a copy of the ID card.

Discovery Benefits health care FSA reimbursement card
Cards will be sent to those who newly elected a health care or limited purpose flexible spending account for 2021, and to existing members whose cards have expired (generally a three-year cycle). The expiration date is indicated on the card. Note that the card always pulls funds from the current plan year, so starting on Jan. 1, 2021, the card will pull only from 2021 funds. To use funds from your 2020 account before carryover has occurred, you must pay for the eligible expense out of pocket and request reimbursement.

Discovery Benefits HSA reimbursement card
A Discovery Benefits debit card will be sent to new participants, making it easy to access health savings account funds to pay for qualifying medical, dental, and vision expenses.

Insurance cards are mailed to members from the providers. To check on the status of your cards or to request additional cards, contact the providers; contact information for all benefit plan vendors is available on the Benefits & Worklife website. Membership cards also can be uploaded from most provider websites.

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