NOV. 17

Workshop: Excel 2016, Part 2

Leveraging the power of data analysis and presentation will let you make informed, intelligent organizational decisions

You may already know how to get Excel to perform simple calculations and how to modify your workbooks and worksheets to make them easier to read, interpret, and present to others. But Excel is capable of doing so much more. To gain a truly competitive edge, you need to be able to extract actionable organizational intelligence from your raw data.

In other words, when you have questions about your data, you need to know how to get Excel to provide the answers for you. And that's exactly what this course aims to help you do.

Microsoft Office Excel 2016, Part 2 builds upon the foundational knowledge presented in the Part 1 course and will start you down the road to creating advanced workbooks and worksheets that can help deepen your understanding of organizational intelligence. The ability to analyze massive amounts of data, extract actionable information from it, and present that information to decision makers is at the foundation of a successful organization that is able to compete at a high level.

Register here for the virtual workshop, which will be offered by Learning Solutions from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

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