New eligible expenses for your health care FSA

Check out the updated list: Tylenol, first aid products, sunscreen, and more are now covered

Bottle of sunscreen with a sun drawn in sunscreen


Under the federal government's recently passed CARES Act, a number of common over-the-counter products were permanently added as eligible expenses for the health care flexible spending account, or FSA.

More important, these over-the-counter medications are now covered without the need for a prescription from your doctor. Watch this video to learn more about the changes.

Tylenol, first aid, sunscreen, antihistamines … you can easily spend your health care FSA dollars on a variety of items. Review a full list of eligible expenses here.

Use your debit card at the pharmacy or other store to purchase these products, and remember to save your receipt or take a picture of it for substantiation.

Log into Discovery Benefits to access your funds. If you have questions regarding your account or how to file a claim, contact Discovery Benefits at 866-451-3399 or

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