Your summer retirement refresher

Vanguard is offering a wide-ranging series of twice-weekly webinars through Aug. 31

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The Vanguard Education Series of webinars will be offered through Aug. 31 to help you plan for retirement, especially during these uncertain times. Webinars are scheduled every Monday and Friday. You do not have to be a Vanguard client to participate.

In addition, its Investing in Volatile Markets session is now available on demand. Watch this webinar to get Vanguard's perspective on how to ride the ups and downs of the market and reach your financial goals.

The upcoming series of webinars (register here) includes the following:

Timeline to Retirement. See how you can use your retirement savings to create a sustainable income stream to last you through retirement. You'll also learn how to invest during retirement, prepare for health care costs, and more.

Retirement Income. This webinar is intended for those who plan to retire in three to 15 years. It will review the key government benefits available to you and the decisions you'll face as you approach, and live through, retirement.

Financial Freedom. Do you find it hard to fit saving for retirement into your budget? This webinar provides rules of thumb to help you save more and tips for doing so within your current financial situation.

Create Your Plan. Learn about best practices for saving and investing and Vanguard's online tools and services.

Investing in Volatile Markets. Market volatility can be stressful for anyone—even when saving for a long-term goal such as retirement. But understanding Vanguard's investment philosophy can help you ride out the ups and downs of the market and reach your financial goals.

529 Plans. Learn the basics of saving for a child's education through a 529 plan.

Women and Investing. Women face unique challenges when planning and investing for their future. Find out what you need to know to save and invest wisely.

Legal notice: Whenever you invest, there's a chance you could lose the money. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

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