Coping With COVID webinars available on demand

If you missed some sessions you wanted to attend, you can catch up now

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Getting on one Zoom call and then jumping to the next. Staying connected to your colleagues, family, and friends. Answering one email after another. Helping your children navigate their new virtual school environment. It's understandable that you may have missed some webinars you really wanted to participate in but just did not have the time.

As we continue to adapt to the changing demands brought on by COVID-19, Johns Hopkins' mySupport, Family Support, and Wellness Support programs continue to partner to bring you the Coping With COVID webinar series. These webinars have been presented in a live format, and now a number of them are available on demand for viewing at your convenience.

  • Coping With COVID: mySupport = More Support: Clinicians from the mySupport Onsite Clinical Team talk about the range of services offered and share simple and effective strategies for reducing anxiety and increasing resiliency during COVID-19. The slides are available on demand or you can register for a live session that takes place from 4 to 5 p.m. every Wednesday.

  • Strategies for Stress Relief, presented by BHS: This webinar defines stress; talks about its causes, signs, and symptoms; and can help you understand your own stress and what you can and can't control. The slides are available on demand.

  • Ways to Relieve Stress During COVID-19: This webinar explores what goes on in your body when you are experiencing stress, skills to help you manage it so that it's not managing you, and new ideas about where to go for support, especially when you feel like stress is out of control. The recording is available on demand.

  • Working From Home While Parenting: Johns Hopkins employees who are also parents discuss tips and tricks for parenting while working from home, building resilience in themselves and their children, and their favorite resources. The recording is available on demand.

  • Couples That Work: At-Home Survival Guide: Jennifer Petriglieri, author of Couples That Work: How Dual-Career Couples Can Thrive in Love and Work, presents this webinar. She will guide you through drawing boundaries, mapping concerns, setting priorities, parenting fundamentals, nailing practicalities, and supporting each other.

  • Coping With Job Loss: When Friends or Family Members Lose Their Jobs: This webinar is designed to help you as well as your family member, friend, or whoever else may have lost a job during this difficult time. It addresses the feelings that come with job loss, some dos and don'ts, and action steps that you and perhaps the person who lost their job can take.

  • The Reason We Eat: Understanding Emotional Eating: Have you ever consumed an entire bag of chips without realizing it? When you're sad and upset, do you crave certain comfort foods? Our eating choices are driven by more than hunger. Listen to this webinar to learn how feelings can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.

  • Change: How to Adapt, Cope, and Respond: This webinar will help you talk about change and how you can navigate it. Learn about the different phases of change and gain a better understanding of how you adjust to it.

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