Let Express Scripts save you trips to the pharmacy

You can get home delivery either by mail (while saving money) or from a local provider

Illustration of a handing picking up a bottle of prescription drugs

Image caption: Save trips to the pharmacy by having prescriptions delivered to your home.


During this time when COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone's mind, it is important for you to know the Express Scripts pharmacy options available to Johns Hopkins employees as you practice social distancing. There are several ways you can continue getting your medications without having to take trips to the pharmacy.

Express Scripts home delivery

Express Scripts home delivery is designed for long-term medications that patients take on a regular basis. You can obtain up to a 90-day supply of prescription maintenance medications through mail order rather than a 30-day supply at retail, saving you multiple trips and the cost of gas. And you'll save even more because a 90-day supply through home delivery usually costs less than a 90-day supply at retail.

Your medication will be delivered to you, and standard shipping is free.

Once you register, you can manage your pharmacy needs such as automatic refill reminders through the Express Scripts web portal and mobile app. Here's how you can get started with home delivery.

Local pharmacy home delivery

More than 20,000 pharmacies in the Express Scripts network provide local delivery options for members, about 92% of whom live within 10 miles of a pharmacy that delivers. You can locate the pharmacies by using the Find a Pharmacy tool on the Express Scripts website or mobile app.

Emergency refills

If you are covered by the university's BCBS or EHP medical plan, Express Scripts offers one additional emergency refill at retail. This allows you to refill your prescription immediately after picking it up. No special approval is necessary, but you should advise your pharmacy that you are requesting an emergency refill. While this emergency refill is available at participating retail pharmacies, due to concerns around retail supply, this should be used only for emergencies. Some pharmacies may be limiting quantities. You are encouraged to switch to mail order (see home delivery, above) for all maintenance medications. The home delivery program allows a full 90-day supply to be mailed directly to your home address with no need to leave the house.

Click here to visit Express Scripts' COVID-19 resource page.