The financial advice you need is only a click or call away

Consultation with mySupport's Financial Services pros is free for JHU employees

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Need assistance taking control of your finances?

Sometimes a little help can go a long way. As a university employee, you can simply call Johns Hopkins mySupport to speak with a qualified financial professional. You'll get a free 30-minute consultation for each issue you'd like to discuss, from creating a budget to setting long-term goals.

Information is at your fingertips by phone or online with:

  • Creating a budget and managing debt
  • Understanding bankruptcy options and requirements
  • Avoiding foreclosure and handling creditors
  • Preparing for a home purchase and saving for your down payment
  • Setting financial goals and deciding on investment strategies
  • Planning for college expenses and finding the right tuition plan
  • Analyzing your credit report and repairing credit

Here's how to do it: Call Johns Hopkins mySupport at 443-997-7000 and answer a few brief questions. Then you'll be transferred to Financial Services and on your way to help with financial issues.

Want more assistance? Don't forget about your member website, (your username, and the password is JHU). It's full of articles and resources that can help with your financial life and much more.

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