Important information about electronic W-2 forms

Here are the steps employees need to take by Dec. 31

W-2 form


For several years, Johns Hopkins has been encouraging employees to choose to receive their W-2 forms electronically, a method that many people find to be more convenient, secure, and timely than receiving a paper W-2 in the mail.

Those who opted to receive an electronic form last year will automatically receive one this year. Those who agreed before 2017, when the university was using an outside vendor, will have to take steps to indicate their preference for an electronic form, as will those choosing it for the first time.

To change your preference, you must log into the Employee Self-Service website. If you do not complete the consent for electronic delivery by Dec. 31, your W-2 will be mailed to the permanent address in your ESS record by Jan. 31, 2020. If that is the option you prefer, it is still important that you go to the ESS page to make sure your permanent address is up-to-date.

Access to the ESS website requires a second level of security, called multifactor authentication. Johns Hopkins is currently switching from the myIT login to Azure MFA. This is a good opportunity to enroll in Azure MFA as the new authenticator will be needed to access the W-2 forms online in mid-January. Enrollment information and a link are on the Information Technology website.

Information and step-by-step instructions for W-2 enrollment is on the W-2 forms information webpage.

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