Time for your annual dental plan checkup

Compare the two available plans to see which is best for you and your family

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Annual Enrollment is a good time to reconsider your dental options to be sure you choose the best plan for you and your family. As announced last year, the United ConcordiaPLUS Dental HMO will be eliminated for 2020. If you are currently enrolled in this plan and do not actively enroll, you will automatically be covered under the Delta Dental Standard Plan (without orthodontia coverage) for 2020.

For 2020, your dental coverage options are:

Delta Dental Standard DPPO Plan: This lower-cost plan includes coverage for preventive/diagnostic services, with higher out-of-pocket costs for basic and major services and no orthodontia coverage.

Delta Dental Enhanced with Orthodontia DPPO Plan: This higher-cost plan is more generous than the current plans and includes enhanced basic and major services, as well as orthodontia coverage.

The following is a summary of the Delta Dental Plan options available to you:

Comparison chart of dental plans

Keep in mind that orthodontia is covered only under the Enhanced DPPO Plan, so consider whether you or a dependent may need orthodontia care or other major dental work next year. Need an expert opinion on which plan is the best fit for you? Ask ALEX.

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