AUG. 13-14

Workshop: Photoshop CC Introduction

This two-day course covers the basics of the popular imaging and graphic design software

Photoshopped image of a man carrying a round mirror where his head should be


Photoshop is the popular imaging and graphic design software used by photographers, designers, web professionals, and video professionals to create their work.

If you'd like to attend the two-day Photoshop CC Introduction workshop, you should have a good working knowledge of your computer and its operating system. You should know how to use the mouse and standard menus and commands, and also how to open, save, and close files, and navigate to other folders.

The two-day, hands-on workshop will cover:

  • The workspace
  • Basic photo corrections
  • Working with selections
  • Layer basics
  • Correcting and enhancing digital photographs
  • Masks and channels
  • Typographic design

Register online for the workshop, which will be offered by Learning Solutions on Aug. 13 and 14 on the East Baltimore campus.

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