When life happens, turn to your free LifeSuite Services

Lost your luggage or have medical needs far from home? Want to create a will? Many resources are available to you through JHU's group life insurance program

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Need some travel assistance when you're far from home? Want to create a will at no cost? These LifeSuite Services—and more—are available to all active faculty, staff, and bargaining unit employees covered under JHU's group life insurance program through Securian Life.

There is no fee or enrollment, and services are also available to spouses, even if they are not covered under the life insurance program.

Access to these resources is only a call or click away.

Legal, financial, and grief resources. Unlimited phone access to attorneys and counseling professionals, along with a 30-minute face-to-face consultation with an attorney for each unique legal issue, is available to you through LifeWorks. The assistance program offers a robust website of resources such as legacy document templates, videos, articles, and calculators. Contact LifeWorks at 877-849-6034 or visit its website. (User name: lfg; password: resources.)

Travel assistance services. Redpoint provides resources and services 24/7 for emergency assistance and transport when you're traveling 100 or more miles from home. Services include medical professional locator services, assistance replacing lost or stolen luggage, medical or security evacuation, medically necessary repatriation, and repatriation of mortal remains.

Details regarding service terms and conditions, as well as pre-trip information, are available online or by calling 855-516-5433 in the U.S. and Canada. From other locations, you can call collect to +1-415-484-4677.

Legacy planning resources This Securian website provides resources for working through end-of-life planning issues such as final arrangements, important directives, and express assignment for expedited funeral home assignments.

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