Two things you might not know about your Hartford insurance coverage

Passport and foreign currency.

Image caption: Travel assistance is available to you and your family members, as is identity theft protection.


Even the best-planned trips can be full of surprises. When the unexpected happens far from home, it's important to know whom to call for assistance.

If you are enrolled in the university's short- or long-term disability plan through the Hartford, you have a travel assistance benefit available that offers you and your family members help when you are 100 miles or more away from home. It provides three primary types of assistance, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure:

  • Pre-trip information on visas, passports, immunization requirements, foreign exchange rates, and the like
  • Emergency medical assistance such as referrals, professional case managers, and evacuation assistance
  • Emergency personal services, including emergency cash, travel arrangements, legal assistance, and translation services

The Hartford also provides identity theft protection support through Generali Global Assistance. If you think you are a victim of identity theft, a dedicated caseworker will help you recover and prevent future incidents.

A brochure about the program is available on the Benefits website.

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