New Peabody Preparatory tuition remission process

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Peabody Preparatory implemented a new registration system and paperless tuition remission process effective April 2. The new tuition remission process is approved for use only at the Peabody Preparatory and is not available for use at the Peabody Conservatory or any other JHU school, division, or center at this time.

Paper tuition remission forms are no longer required. Required tuition remission data—including the eligible employee's or retiree's name, personnel number, JHED ID, and name of spouse, domestic partner, or dependent—will be housed in Peabody Preparatory's new ASAP student registration system.

The employee/retiree electronically agrees to be responsible for:

  • Updating and validating the accuracy of the information
  • Payment of any balances beyond the limits provided by the benefit at time of enrollment
  • Repayment of any benefit received in error if later deemed to be ineligible

Tuition Remission Plan eligibility, requirements, and benefit amounts continue to be administered by the JHU Benefits Office and are available on the Benefits website.