Workshop: Conquering Negativity—Creating Optimism in the Workplace

Female and male co-workers glare at each other while working side-by-side on their laptops.

Is negativity a problem in your workplace? If so, it may be causing a drop in morale that costs your department lost productivity, ongoing quality problems, and the resignation of good people. This course is an ideal starting point for you and your co-workers to confront negativity quickly and constructively.

In the workshop titled Conquering Negativity: Creating Optimism in the Workplace, participants will learn techniques to turn negative attitudes around, discover tips to rekindle enthusiasm among employees, and find out what you can do when influential people (top management, owners, outside consultants) are contributing to organizationwide negativity.

Register online for the one-day class, which will be offered by Learning and Development on Thursday, May 10.

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