Zumba, Cardio Fusion, Meditation, Yoga, and more

A group of women and men do dance moves in an exercise class

The results of the university's annual enrollment wellness survey are in—and the Benefits Office learned that 59 percent of employees access the Wellness tab on its website. But that number, as high as it is, also means that 41 percent may not be aware of the university's wellness offerings. Here's what offerings respondents say they accessed the most:

  • 42% stress management programs (Yoga, Seated Massage, Meditation)
  • 41% fitness classes (Zumba, Muscle Toning and Conditioning, Cardio Fusion)
  • 41% financial health (developing a retirement plan, scheduling a consultation with a financial provider)
  • 25% weight loss programs (Weight Watchers, Innergy)
  • 25% wellness education (Know Your Numbers, etc.)
  • 11% managing a condition (Care Management program)
  • 5% other (fitness center discounts)

The Benefits Office also learned that employees would like the university to expand its reach of fitness center discounts and midday fitness classes to additional campuses. The university values the feedback and will continue to improve the promotion and availability of health and well-being offerings.

You're encouraged to register soon for the spring sessions of classes, which begin in April.

The Benefits Office subsidizes 50 percent of the cost for benefits-eligible faculty and staff.

Classes on the Homewood campus are Muscle Toning and Conditioning, Cardio Fusion, Zumba, Meditation, and Yoga. Zumba and Yoga are available on the East Baltimore campus, while White Marsh offers Muscle Toning and Conditioning and Yoga. Other options include Yoga at Candler, Keswick, and Carey, and Meditation at Eastern. Classes are open to all skill levels.

Muscle Toning and Conditioning is a workout that focuses on strengthening and conditioning every major muscle group in the body.

Cardio Fusion is an aerobic workout combining kickboxing, hi/lo floor aerobics, and some boot camp drills.

Zumba is a cardio fitness class that blends the rhythm of Latin music with easy-to-follow dance steps.

Mindfulness Meditation gives you tools to calm your mind and reduce your body's stress response.

Yoga is a series of body positions and movements designed to relax the body and calm the mind.

Visit the Benefits website to view class descriptions and pricing. Register for a class through the online registration system on the Healthy Living page.

Questions can be sent to wellnessprograms@jhu.edu.