Workshop: Integrative Health Coaching

Two women look at papers together

Image caption: Collaborating with a health and wellness coach can make you the expert of you

Would you like support as you change unhealthy lifestyle habits or manage chronic health issues? Do you want to collaborate with a professional who treats you as the expert of you and builds on your strengths?

Join Karen Salinas, communications manager and certified health and wellness coach from the Office of Work, Life and Engagement, to explore the benefits of integrative health coaching. Learn about what integrative health coaching is, what to look for in a coach, and what to expect from the coaching relationship. Participants will watch a short demonstration of integrative health coaching and assess their readiness to change unhealthy lifestyle habits.

The workshop is scheduled for noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 20, on the East Baltimore campus. Register online or call 443-997-7000.