Your insurance: PAI is now AD&D

PAI and AD&D? Sounds like alphabet soup. Well, it is certainly substantial, like that kind of soup. Johns Hopkins has been accustomed to referring to one of its benefits as personal accident insurance, or PAI, and the Office of Human Resources wants to make sure that employees realize that even though they are no longer seeing that language, they still have death and dismemberment insurance. The university's benefit through Securian is called accidental death and dismemberment, or AD&D.

You still have the same automatic benefit amount you've had in the past, and during 2018 enrollment, you were given the opportunity to elect higher amounts of voluntary AD&D to replace any PAI you'd previously purchased.

The value of this AD&D program, HR says, is twofold:

  • Double indemnity refers to the fact that in the event of death resulting from a covered accident, this benefit is paid on top of your term life insurance benefit, not in place of it. Your beneficiary would receive both the life and AD&D benefit amounts.

  • The second aspect of the program is dismemberment. A percentage of the benefit amount is paid to the insured person if a covered accident resulted in the loss of a limb, eye, or hearing, or resulted in partial or full paralysis. Such injuries would likely require extra expenses, such as home or vehicle modification, as well as others.

In addition to these two important values of the AD&D insurance, the plan includes features such as a child education benefit and spouse training.

Coverage and benefit percentage details can be found on the Benefits website.