Prescription drug changes: Save time and money with mail order

You can save money on drugs you take on a regular basis by ordering them through your plan's mail order program. Using this program, you can buy up to a 90-day supply of a prescription you would normally purchase as a 30-day supply at a retail pharmacy. Because your mail order prescription is delivered directly to your home, you'll save time and a trip to the pharmacy.

Beginning in 2018, for the CareFirst BCBS, Blue Choice, and EHP medical plans for faculty and staff, your costs for mail order prescription drugs will be as follows (retail is up to a 30-day supply and mail order is up to a 90-day supply):

  • Generic: Retail, $10 co-pay; mail order, $25 co-pay.
  • Formulary brand, if no generic is available: Retail, 20 percent coinsurance ($30 minimum, $45 maximum); mail order, 20 percent coinsurance ($75 minimum, $112.50 maximum).
  • Nonformulary brand, if no generic or formulary brand is available: retail, 25 percent coinsurance ($60 minimum, $100 maximum); mail order, 25 percent coinsurance ($150 minimum, $250 maximum).
  • Out-of-pocket maximum for either retail or mail order: $2,000 individual; $6,000 for three or more family members.

Ready to save time and money through the mail-order program? Get started today by enrolling online through Express Scripts.