Make the most of your prescription drug benefits

Image caption: There are three steps you should follow to ensure you're getting the right medication at the best price

To save on your out-of-pocket costs, it's important to take advantage of the resources and tools available to help you get the right medication at the best price. Remember that when you fill a generic prescription drug, you will pay less than for a formulary brand name or nonformulary brand name medication. To get started:

Talk to your doctor to see whether a generic equivalent is available for your brand name medication. He or she may be able to provide a recommendation for a lower-cost alternative with the same health effects as the brand-name drug.

Visit Express Scripts online. Review your current prescription medications to see whether there is a generic equivalent. For a list of prescription drugs included in the Johns Hopkins University specific formulary, go to the website.

Download the Express Scripts app to your smartphone or tablet and:

  • View lower-cost generic prescriptions specific to JHU medical plans.
  • Quickly and easily refill or renew your mail order prescriptions.
  • See all your current medications, set reminders, and get personalized safety alerts.
  • Track the status of your mail order prescriptions.