Workshop: Business Professionalism and Workplace Etiquette

Is workplace etiquette dead? No it isn't. It doesn't matter who you are or where you work, you are still expected to understand the essentials of business professionalism and basic workplace etiquette.

Yet, senior leaders across the globe are now complaining that many employees haven't got a clue. Managers report that they're horrified by the behavior they see at work. One leader lamented, "These employees are smart, have great technical skills, and would otherwise have super-bright futures—but how can I risk promoting someone who doesn't understand how to behave with tact and finesse in the workplace?"

According to HR experts, most employees do not even know they're crossing the line of what's considered professional; they simply don't know what's acceptable versus what's not. The lines are blurry and vary from workplace to workplace, so how do you know what's appropriate?

This cutting-edge program offered by Learning and Development is tailored for the way you work today. You'll learn what professionalism looks and sounds like, and you'll learn how to:

  • Read the subtle signs that tell you when and how to respond in situations that require special finesse.
  • Demonstrate respect with your actions and words.
  • Avoid the credibility-killing behaviors that make bosses cringe.
  • Come across as polished and tactful every time.

In this era of casual Fridays, it's easy to think that you can be casual every day, but that's a huge mistake, the experts say. You've got to understand when and how your actions impact others, and you must be aware of how you're seen. Your credibility and your career are at stake.

Register online for this one-day course, which takes place on Wednesday, May 3.