Here's what faculty and staff need to know about Commencement

Commencement is an important milestone for Johns Hopkins students and their families and a wonderful opportunity for the university community to celebrate the scholars' achievements. As the Commencement team prepares for this year's universitywide ceremony on Wednesday, May 24, there are several things faculty and staff need to know.

1. Homewood will not be closed for Commencement Day. In the past, Commencement Day has been a holiday at Homewood because of the impact of 10,000 guests coming to the campus. Now that the ceremony is taking place at Royal Farms Arena, it is not necessary to close the campus. Starting this year, Commencement Day will be a regular workday at Homewood, and employees who were previously eligible for the day off will receive a second floating holiday, as employees on other campuses do.

2. You are encouraged to volunteer. Up to 300 volunteers are needed to make Commencement a success. Many shift times and duties are available on Tuesday, May 23, for pre-Commencement celebrations, including the Senior Toast in the evening; and on Wednesday, May 24, for the universitywide ceremony, which begins at 1:30 p.m. With your manager's approval, the university will treat the time you spend helping with Commencement events as regular work hours. You can sign up using the online form.

3. Faculty are invited to march in the procession at the Commencement ceremony. Participants must wear academic regalia and indicate they will attend by April 14. Details about ordering regalia, parking, and more are on the faculty page of the Commencement website.

4. Information about all Commencement-related ceremonies, including times and transportation, can be found on the new Commencement website.