Wellness Webinar: Meditation and Yoga—Connecting Body and Mind

Not just for celebrities and professional athletes, meditation and yoga are popular techniques that connect the body and mind to help those who practice them move toward overall wellness.

To explore these mind-body techniques and see if they are right for you, mark your calendar to view the wellness webinar Meditation and Yoga—Connecting Body and Mind at noon on Thursday, Nov. 17.

During this session, you will:

  • Touch on the origins of meditation and yoga
  • Review potential health benefits
  • Learn simple ways to integrate meditation and yoga into your lifestyle

The presenter, Tricia Cates, delivers group education on a variety of health and wellness topics to participants within a worksite setting. She has more than 10 years of professional experience managing her personal training business and working as a clinical exercise physiologist. She is also an instructor for the personal training certificate and degree programs at Pinnacle Career Institute.

Webinar login instructions

If this is your first time using Microsoft LiveMeeting on your computer: Check to make sure your system can accommodate this service by clicking on this link.

10 minutes before the webinar start time, join the meeting to view and listen to the webinar by clicking on this URL. No entry code is required.

If you are unable to hear the presenter on your computer and would like to listen on the phone, call the toll-free number 866-546-3377 and enter the participant code 872994 when prompted.

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