Maintaining a Drug-Free Environment brochure available

At Johns Hopkins, we are concerned for the well-being of any member of our university family who is experiencing a problem with alcohol or substance abuse. We recognize that unhealthy use of alcohol or other drugs is often difficult to resolve on one's own and may require the help of professionals. We encourage any individual who is experiencing difficulty with alcohol or other drug issues to take advantage of the many programs and services offered by the university, including our Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, Student Assistance Program, Student Health and Wellness Center, Counseling Center, the Office of Occupational Health Services, and other resources.

As part of our ongoing commitment to achieving a drug-free academic and work environment, and to ensure that every member of our university community is healthy and safe, we have created a brochure that includes a statement of the university's philosophy, along with key policies and educational materials on the health risks associated with alcohol and other drugs. In addition to outlining legal penalties imposed by the federal, state, and local governments, we have included ideas on how to recognize if one of your friends, colleagues, or family members has an unhealthy use of alcohol or other drugs. We also have listed a variety of referral, counseling, and preventive services outside the university to help anyone who may need support.

For more information, see Maintaining a Drug-Free Environment on the Office of Work, Life and Engagement's website.

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